Saturday, June 7, 2008

Back in Blog.

Well, seems like I was too busy and almost forgot of my blog existence. Sorry about that. I was working on a new book Humpty Dumpty and Others. Here you can see the cover (which is still the subject to change). Book is almost ready to be printed. You can see several of the illustrations at Actually I'll put some of the pictures on the blog later. The edition is planned to be not as expensive as Alice (because of the digital print vs. offset), but still limited in quantities. Who's willing to be the happy owner of the book - don't hesitate and let me know. I'm going to announce the details of the upcoming edition and to open the subscription soon.


kes said...

I have looked and looked to buy a copy of this book, "Humpty Dumpty and Others." I've searched Amazon and Googled the (ISBN 978-0-9783613-1-0) provided on your site. Still I can't find it! Do you know how I can find one? Thanks!

Oleg Lipchenko said...

Dear friend,
Thank you for your interest. I have to inform you and some other book lovers who are aware of this project - the work on it was postponed due to several reasons (financial difficulties, some other personal things etc.) almost for a year. Book is ready to print, I mean the entire layout (the ISBN is real - just the book is not printed yet). I hope we'll be able to proceed with the printing soon - in about 2-3 month.
I almost gave up with the blog - I'm not too 'chatty' person, but it seems I was not right to do so - well, I'll try to continue blogging and keep you updating of my projects.

kes said...

Thank you so much for the response!

I didn't know if my message would reach you, so you may also receive a message to an old email address I found on another website. (If so, you can ignore this!)

I'm very hopeful that the book gets printed without a hitch. I really love your art for this and the 'Alice' titles. I've already pre-ordered the one coming out in November and suggest your other fans to do the same! (

I'm not in a position to purchase full paintings ($$), so it's always really wonderful when I can pour over a book of beautiful illustrations.

Best of luck with printing 'Humpty' and the new 'Alice' title, and thanks again!