Wednesday, November 10, 2010

LCSNA meeting in New York Institute of Technology

It was a shiny and beautiful Autumn Saturday in New York City. Members of the Lewis Carroll Society of North America had gathered for the Fall 2010 meeting in the New York Institute of Technology. Among the speakers were the host (founding member and former LCSNA president) Edward Guiliano, writers Adam Gopnik, Carroll biographer Jenny Woolf,  author (and Alice Liddell relative) C.M. Rubin, LCSNA President Andrew Sellon, and artist Oleg Lipchenko.
Edward Guiliano and Adam Gopnik dedicated their speeches to the memory of the great Martin Gardner.
There were several book titles available for sale from authors Adam Gopnik, Jenny Woolf, C.M. Rubin, and illustrators Mahendra Singh and Oleg Lipchenko. All the authors and illustrators were there to sign their books. This time there were elections for the new officers of LCSNA, as well as the honoring of Andrew Sellon, whose work as the president and whose dedication to the Society is hard to overestimate. Our congratulations to new officers and thanks to Andrew Sellon.
Then there was a wonderful dinner at Josephina’s following the meeting, and then the most inexhaustible members, who had survived the day's packed agenda, gathered for a party at the friendly home of Janet Jurist.

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mahendra singh said...

Oleg is being modest but one of the genuine high points of the meeting was the presentation of his superb work on the Snark. He showed us several spreads, each better than the last … Oleg, perhaps you could show us a little more on the net when you have time.

I have to confess that I completely fell in love with the small, perfectly executed illustration you did of "Rilchiam" …

Even better than your Alice! Good luck!