Thursday, November 11, 2010

Surrealism is back!

     For several days now, I've been reading, observing, looking at, eating with eyes ("serving it with greens"), the beautiful edition of The Hunting Of The Snark illustrated and designed by Mahendra Singh. I traveled with the crew of Snark-hunters, I backtracked to particular pages and pictures, and I'm progressively enjoying this mind-twisting and absolutely mysterious book.
     A lot of artists who defined themselves as surrealists, in fact, just substitute the concept of surrealism with dexterous juggling of random combination of descriptive images with the motto "The stranger, the better". This flat-thinking method produces tons of surreal-like "art" and misleads public from the proper understanding (feeling) of surrealism as a way of discovering the great mystery of the universe.
     Unlike many of modern artists, who confuse surreal vision and way of thinking, with the collage method of composing of visual material, Mahendra Singh is definitely one of the rare genuine surrealists. There is no wonder that he found a perfect match to apply his creativity in the Lewis Carroll's poem The Hunting Of The Snark.
     Graphic novel structure of the book; masterly pen-ink technique developed from vintage technique of engraved plates for illustrations of 19 century magazines; endless culture references and reflections; puzzling associations. All this creates a very special world, an athmosphere of "intellectual holidays" essential to Lewis Carroll's masterpiece.
     I congratulate all the admirers of Lewis Carroll creations with the new, such a "Carrollian" art project and I highly recommend it to all collectors as a "must have".

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